What a beautiful transformation. I’m so happy this precious soul made it and thrilled the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc was able to help her and her puppies.
The hell this dog, her puppies and the humans who saved her went through could have all been avoided if she would have been SPAYED. Please SPAY and NEUTER your pets and tell others to do the same. If you know of someone with animals who are not fixed, help them. Give them clinic info and educate them. Offer to drive them. Fixing one dog can prevent 67,000 others from being born over a 6 year period. We will never rescue our way out of this. People have to Spay and Neuter, never support breeders, report those who backyard breed and educate people as to why it’s the only realistic way we will end the overpopulation problem.
#Repost Forgotten Dogs Rescue
swipe left and just LOOK 👀 at what a difference a little TLC can do for a dog
Our sweet mama Yuki had been through a lot before she came to us, and giving birth didn’t make it any easier on her. With lots of love, patience, and the proper medical care, she’s now living her best life with her super amazing foster parents and foster brother. And the best is yet to come when she finds her forever home. And don’t forget that none of what we do would be possible without all of your support and love, so thank you all @standupforpitsfoundation @rebeccacorry

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