HUNDREDS of animals are murdered every year by being left to die horrifically in hot cars.
Southern California is now heading into another heat wave this week as is many other parts of the country. The level of selfishness, cruelty and ignorance it takes to kill an animal this way is unthinkable. It is up to US in our communities to do something. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere and some don’t even treat it as an emergency.
It is a CRIME in the state of California to leave an animal in a hot car and totally LEGAL to smash the window to save the dog. Simply put, if you see something, DO something. Dogs can die in a matter of minutes. 75 degrees out side can still mean 100 degrees in a car.
DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR. NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE. These are 100% preventable deaths.
#standupforpits #hotcarskilldogs

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