SUFP Dogfighting Tip Line working to keep Los Angeles County humans and pets safe.

Thank you to one of our SUFP supporters for snapping and sending this photo of one of the over 200 ACC vehicles with our dogfighting tip line decals. The Los Angeles County tip line serves over 10 million residents and is a much needed resource. SUFP created the template and has been funding and operating the tip line for 3 years now. It is effective and much needed. We encourage others to implement an independent line in their communities. Dogfighters are cowards who they hide. It’s up to people in communities to report anything they see or know. Animal abusers are a threat to all of us and our society and it’s up to us to take action against them.
To report dogfighting in Los Angeles County call 1-877-777-2585
National tip line is 1-877-TIP-HSUS

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