“I can never thank the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc and Forgotten Dogs Rescue enough for this beautiful soul. Because of Stand Up for Pits, I saw a post about some puppies for adoption and looked into it. Forgotten dogs saved this little guy, his litter mates and their perfect mama. ❤️ My heart was torn by the loss of my soulmate dog, Joey, and I didn’t know how to deal. At all. Then I saw these eyes. These perfect, curious, trusting eyes, looking back at me from a picture and I knew. I knew that’s what I was looking for.

I can promise him a lifetime of love and friendship, kindness and trust. I can promise him a forever home and place in my heart. The heart he is helping heal with every puppy kiss and wag of his tail. I will never be able to repay these people who fight to save these amazing dogs from the abuse and hate they receive on a daily basis, but I can help them. I can adopt, Volunteer, foster, donate and share. I can tell everyone about the love and beauty of Pitbull type dogs with the amazing stories and journeys I have with them. I can continue to open my heart to dogs over and over even though losing them is so hard, because that bond is worth it. The love is worth it.

Thank you, thank you Rebecca Corry, Stand Up for Pits and Forgotten Dogs Rescue. You guys save more than dogs, you save the people that love them too.”

Everyone, meet Thomas ❤️❤️



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