The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is thrilled to announce we will be giving away another $10,000.00 in ANGEL grants to 5 nonprofits in the amount of $2000.00 each and will announce the recipients on December 15th!

ANGEL grant recipients must be publicly nominated. Anyone can nominate, including nonprofits themselves. Simply post the attached photo of Angel and explain why you’re nominating them and what their mission is. Please be sure to tag the SUFP Foundation and we will do our best to repost all the nominees. This is important because by tagging and us sharing, it helps raise awareness about hard working nonprofits people may not know about. Once publicly nominated, the nominated nonprofit must go to standupforpits.us, fill out and submit the online SUFP grant application form. PLEASE READ the requirements thoroughly before submitting.

SUFP would prefer to give grants to smaller pit bull “type” dog nonprofits doing great work who don’t have sponsors, celebrity backing, large donors and need funds and exposure. SUFP has helped grow nonprofit rescue groups nationwide for 8 years. SUFP loves learning about nonprofits doing great things and supporting their efforts. We encourage you all to nominate groups who go beyond rescue and focus on fixing problems. Groups with educational programs, homeless outreach, spay and neuter clinics, prevention initiatives etc. We want to hear all about the work they’re doing and share it with others!

We look forward to sharing and learning about nonprofits in communities around the country working hard to end abuse, discrimination and save lives. We’re are even more excited to provide funds needed to support their missions.

Starting today, please nominate any and all nonprofits you feel qualify! You can nominate as many as you like but please be sure to inform them that they are required to fill out the SUFP grant form and agree to terms in order to be considered. All nominations need to be posted and grant applications submitted by Dec 14th. THANK YOU!!!

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