The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc is thrilled to report that this year’s national Stand Up For Pits tour helped raise $62,630.00 for nonprofit rescues nationwide and raised $74,291.00 worth of shelter supplies nationwide!

We want to thank everyone who comes to these events, the brilliant comedians and hosts who donate their time and talents, the amazing participating groups we worked with this year, everyone who donated shelter supplies, our amazing SUFP volunteers across the country and the people who can’t make it to events but still support the mission by sharing posts, buying merchandise when we offer it and donating funds.

While it’s sad that foundations, nonprofit rescues and shelters even need to exist, they do. And we all have to remain dedicated to being a part of the change we want to see. It is heart wrenching, exhausting and can be infuriating but together we can and are making a different. Dogs are not and have never been the problem. Humans are.

Education and prevention is key. Dumb is dangerous and only treating the symptoms is not effective long term.

We want to continue to encourage you all to change the social conscience. When the media writes half baked bullshit stories about our dogs, blaming and vilifying them, don’t post it. Instead post the truth. Post stories and photos that clearly show their inherent goodness and stop giving power to ignorance.

Consider researching spay and neuter clinics in your area and support them however you can.

Consider becoming an approved foster.

Donate shelter supplies (old blankets etc) to your local animal shelter all year round.

Consider volunteering with your local rescue and never stop educating and advocating.

Keep it about the dogs. If you don’t like someone or a group, keep it moving and find people and groups you do. Dogs sitting on death row don’t give a shit about human drama. They just want to live and it’s up to us to stay focussed on those lives depending on us.

Thank you again, for working together as one big SUFP group to help and save so many. We are proud to stand with you all and we’ll keep doing this for long as it takes.
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