“I never stop being inspired by the Stand Up For Pits community. So many doers committed to helping and being part of solutions. People rely far too much on Foundations and Rescues to do everything when everyone has the power to make a difference themselves. It simply means getting off the couch and doing it. On Sept 5th, the SUFP Foundation courtesy posted for a woman named Christa, who needed help finding spay/neuter info in her area. Christa emailed us a heartwarming story a few days ago about what another woman named Jen Saunders did for her who saw our post and asked if I would personally thank her. Not only am I happy to publicly thank Jen today but I hope sharing this inspires others to do what Jen did. If every took the time to do one thing like this, even if was the only thing they did all year, it would be hugely impactful. So, THANK YOU JEN SAUNDERS! Well done.” – Rebecca Corry


Good Afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well. Because of you, and the post, and the generosity of this amazing community, my LuLu was able to be safely spayed yesterday. A woman named Jen Saunders reached out because of your post and has not only been an unbelievable support system, but stepped up and went WAY above and beyond the spay cost. Because LuLu had been in a puppy mill, they discovered yesterday when they opened her up that she had been partially spayed before. Poor girl had to go through two spays, but they ended up needing to open her up further than they thought and it was a much more serious surgery. They were able to find her other ovary and had to cut it from her pancreas. Anyway, moral of the story is that Jen met me at the clinic, paid more than $1,000 more because of the emergency surgery aspect and medicine, and was just so phenomenal. She is an avid fan of Rebecca’s and of the foundation, and I didn’t know if there was ANY way that someone (it would be amazing if it were Rebecca) could reach out and thank her. I would be so beyond appreciative.

Thank you again. For everything. My little hippo is my favorite. Here she is cuddled next to me as she recovers.


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