SUFP gives $12,000.00 in ANGEL GRANTS!!

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation added a sixth recipient to this year’s ANGEL GRANT GIVEAWAY and Sally and Todd could not be more pumped about it! Each nonprofit organization will receive $2000.00 and will be required to post an update on how the grants are used to support their mission. SUFP looks forward to sharing the updates with our supporters, not only for the dogs but to inform and inspire people who may not know these groups or the work they do.
Big thanks everyone who donates to the SUFP Foundation, buys merchandise and attends Stand Up For Pits events. This group effort allows SUFP to help and save countless lives nationwide as well as help end fear based ignorance, abuse and prevent dogs from entering the shelter to begin with through our national spay & neuter initiative. What is happening to our dogs is everyone’s problem and if we all do our part and support one another, we will see change. It means doing. Getting off the couch and taking action however we can. The below ANGEL GRANT RECIPIENTS are good examples of taking actions that go beyond rescue. Congratulations to all and keep up the good work!

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