23 dogs were seized in a dogfighting operation in Detroit MI and all need medical attention. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc just sent the $8725.00 needed to provide them care. These survivors deserve a chance at life. They are born inherently good. It’s humans who are dangerous.
For those of you who don’t think dogfighting is an epidemic in our country, you are wrong. This horrific abuse happens in all communities in all tax brackets done by all kinds of people. And those who do this to dogs are a danger to our society. Where there is dogfighting, there is always other crime. It is up to EVERYONE to do something if they suspect or know something.

To report dogfighting in Los Angeles County call 1-877-777-2585. The national number is 1-877-TIP-HSUS. Law enforcement and ACC cannot do this alone. Tips from anonymous people in communities are vital to catching the cowardly sociopaths murdering our dogs.

REPOST from Bark Nation
‼️Everybody stop what you’re doing and help us thank Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation ‼️ Three weeks ago, we were contacted to assist authorities on scene with a suspected large-scale dogfighting operation. 23 amazingly beautiful dogs were rescued and brought to safety in our #PitnessProtection program. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, with their unwavering commitment to #EndDogfighting, gifted us with a Christmas Miracle – an $8725.69 grant to cover the medical care and kennels for our newest residents.
We simply cannot thank SUFP enough for their generosity and advocacy. 23 dogs will never see a chain or a dirt circle again. They will never see a pit. And their pains and scars will soon be buried so far in their past.
Please support this amazing foundation so they can continue their life-saving grants and initiatives across the country! They have previously, and continue to, put a huge stamp on the work that we are doing in Michigan and beyond, and our dogs are so extremely lucky to have them on their side.
Here’s to another 23 #SurvivorStories! ?

Please follow both of our pages for inspiring updates on these beautiful souls!
Thank you SUFP!



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