“PIBBLE” and SUFP in the New York Times!

“The comedian Rebecca Corry has been a vocal advocate for pit bulls. In 2013 she organized the “One Million Pibble March” in Washington, D.C., one of the earliest known uses of the term, to raise awareness about abuse and dogfighting. In late 2018 her organization, the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, released a comedy special featuring Fortune Fiemster, Bob Saget and Kaley Cuoco.
Ms. Corry has two pit bull mixes: Sally, 4, and Todd, 3. She calls them pibbles, baked potatoes, velvet hippos, and does it even matter when you’re loved? “I did their dog DNA recently,” she said, “and they’re not even pit bulls.”
Now THIS is one NEW YORK TIMES article I’m proud and thrilled to be a part of. For almost 4 decades dogs labeled “pit bulls” have been and continue to be wrongly vilified, banned, disparaged and murdered simply because of what they look like. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc has been fighting day in and day out year after year to educate people who are perfectly content living in fear based ignorance and this NYT article is proof that it seems to finally be working. I have encouraged people for years to stop posting irresponsible click bait bullshit stories the media writes about our dogs because it gives it more power, which is exactly what the so called “journalists” wants. I recently did Stand Up For Pits in Spokane and Detroit and was thrilled to learn that their local shelters have stopped labeling dogs as “pit bulls” on shelter kennels and it simply says DOG. Which is exactly what they are – DOGS. When dogs are being networked as “pit bull mixes” it limits them because of the label and they don’t need more obstacles.” An occasional “pure bred” APBT may happen but the majority of dogs labeled “pit bulls” are mutts. The term “pit bull” has costs millions of lives as has BSL, which is discrimination enshrined in law and if we want to change the social conscience then we have to change he way we think and talk. Please keep educating, advocating and being their voice. Together we can and are making a difference for our PIBBLES! Please share this.-Rebecca Corry

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