Dogfighting is a very real epidemic in this first world country of ours. The lives these dogs are forced to live is horrific from beginning to end. This is Lucille. She lived her entire life on rape stands and pregnant. The havoc it reeked on her little body was unthinkable. She endured bite wounds and contracted a blood disease common amongst dogfighting victims called Babesia. It is extremely costly to treat and very hard to cure. The Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc fought tirelessly to save Lucille but her body was too weak. She died in my apartment. Todd, her son is the only survivor seized from that operation because LA County euthanized the others due to a fear based ignorant “vicious dog” ordinance.
When people say these dogs were “bred” to fight, that is false. That’s what humans intend for them it’s not who or what they are. They are FORCED to fight they don’t want to do it. It’s not in their blood. They are given no choice. If two humans were forced into a ring and the only the choice was to fight or die, they would fight because it is a matter of life or death.

Dogfights can last up to 3 hours ending due to loss of blood and broken bones. The dog who loses is often times shot, electrocuted, skinned, beaten or as Michael Vick did, used as a jump rope crushing the skull on the pavement.

All people in all tax brackets of all ethnicities are involved in dogfighting operations. Don’t believe those who say it only happens in the back woods or in inner cities. That is false. Veterinarians, law enforcement, school teachers and yes rich wealthy athletes and business men and women have and continue force dogs to fight till the death for fun and money.

Where there is dogfighting, there is always other crime. Animal abusers do not stop at animals. You or someone you love could be next. Those who abuse animals will likely and most often times do go on to commit crimes against humans. These monsters must be removed from society.

If you know something, SAY SOMETHING.
To report dogfighting in Los Angeles County call 1-877-777-2585
To report dogfighting nationally call 1-877-TIP-HSUS.
If a dog fight is in progress call 911.

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