Spay & Neuter ANGEL Day 2019 cities announced!!!!

April 2nd will be three years since Angel left us but her life and legacy lives on and grows stronger every day. There is no better way to honor Angel and her beautiful life than by saving millions more.
One unaltered female and her offspring over a six year period can create 67,000 animals. The prevention of unwanted animals is vital and desperately needed in order to lower shelter intake and euthanasia numbers nationwide.
This April 2nd, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc will be fully funding 22 free spay and neuter clinics nationwide which will fix 868 pit bull “type” dogs costing SUFP $74,000.00.
We be posting a lot about this massive effort leading up to April 2nd and asking people to donate and share. Supporting initiatives like this and educating people about the importance of spaying and neutering SAVES LIVES. If you know someone is backyard breeding, report them. Never buy dogs from breeders and consider volunteering for groups who help low income communities spay & neuter their pets. Many people do not have internet access and rely on community outreach for resources and help and they want to do the right thing but just don’t know how.
The majority of all dogs in US shelters are labeled pit bull “type” dogs. If we all work together and make spaying and neutering, and responsible pet ownership a priority, we can prevent dogs from ever becoming part of the shelter system and dying there.

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  1. Freda Patterson

    How do I sign up to get my pet neutered in Miamisburg Ohio on April 2nd?
    Thank you.

  2. Stand Up For Pits Foundation

    We are not coming to your area this year, however google “low cost spay and neuter clincs” in your area and some should come up. You can also call your shelter and ask them to provide you with low cost spay and neuter information. There is help available to you. Thank you!

  3. Janet

    Will this ever come to Florida. I have a full pitt and a mixed with pitt. I would love to have them both spayed. I can not afford it on Social Security.

  4. Azialeigh Oliveras

    This is absolutely amazing..i just found out about this on home and family today .thank you for loving such a wrongly judged breed and doing what you can to help. I cant wait to see how this grows year by year. I qill definitely be sharing this information on my social media. So Where exactly are the locations and how do i get my pitbull neutered with this wonderful program.