SUFP funding Matilda’s chance at life!

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is happy and honored to be helping this sweet soul get a second chance at the life she deserves and doing so in memory of Canelo. Humans are the problem, not dogs. Take a moment to read Matida’s story by LoveLeo Rescue below.

Meet Matilda.

She’s the perfect example of a misunderstood dog that had the decked stacked against her in a complicated shelter system. We courtesy posted but it didn’t help her find her forever home.

In JUNE — Matilda was found tied to a tree in a park. A kindhearted mother and daughter took her in and attempted to find her owner. They kept her safe and she slept in the young girl’s at bed every night. By day they tried to hide her in a shed (with a bed and toys  because no dogs were allowed in their apartment). But a neighbor found out and let her out … she turned up as a stray at the Baldwin park shelter. She was adopted. She was returned to a different shelter. She was transferred back to Baldwin Park. And, not surprisingly she was made rescue only there because of kennel stress.

There was another dog named Canelo hat had a similar story but the outcome wasn’t a happy one. He was a 40 lb, fawn and white pit mix that came into the shelter and scored a 24 out of 25 on his temperament test. He too became increasingly stressed while he was there. He nipped two idiots that were stupid enough to stick their finger through the kennel bars. There was no serious injuries but it was enough to have him placed on 2 separate quarantine holds. Then the shelter decided they would no longer release him to us – or ANY rescue! 2 weeks ago he was euthanized at the shelter. RIP.

While we mourn his loss, we decided we wanted to do something to honor his life. The wonderful  Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation has generously offered to sponsor two months of training for Matilda. That way we can get her adoption ready. Rebecca and her foundation were involved in trying to save Canelo and were heartbroken over his death. They wanted to help us save another life in memory of Canelo.

So that’s a long and sad story explaining how Matilda got her second chance.

Welcome Matilda.


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