The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA is investigating how a dog ended up dead in a bin sealed with tape on the side of a local road.

The SPCA says passersby found the body of an emaciated brown-and-white pit bull-type dog Monday evening in a ravine along Collison Road between Old Brock Road and Highway 5. “Our investigation at this time is to find out if this was an act of animal cruelty,” CEO Marion Emo said in a news release.

Investigators are urging anyone with information who saw anything unusual in the area or knows someone who had a dog that matches the description that’s no longer around to speak up.

Tips can be offered by calling the SPCA’s investigations department at 905-574-7722, ext. 401 or by emailing investigations@hbspca.com.

The cruelty and murder of inherent good dogs our society wrongly vilifies and bans never ends yet it never makes front page news when they are brutally murdered. Innocent pit bull type dogs are tortured, abused and killed daily but if that dog so much as growls it’s headline national news.

In this article it says they are investigating “if this was an act of cruelty.” That is an outrage. If a human was found like this it would not be considered anything other than a heinous crime. Whoever did this and those who know about it are walking the streets free. And anyone who is capable of doing this to an animal (even if it was a child) is or eventually will be a danger to society. Please consider sharing so that whoever did this can be held accountable. This dog’s life mattered.


#standupforpits #betheirvoice #endabuse #ifyouseesomethingsaysomething #reportabusers

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