ANGEL BECOMES NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC “125 Animals That Changed the World”

National Geographic has included Angel in their new book entitled “125 Animals That Changed the World.” For Angel to be chosen for this book is incredible but it’s also very powerful and special because now kids will be able to learn about Angel for years to come and that is extremely important.

Angel did change the world and her life and legacy continues to do so by saving and helping countless dogs every year. Angel was and will always be the inspiration for everything the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc does. She is a timeless ambassador for inherently good dogs so wrongly vilified by humans and an extraordinary teacher that has created much needed change. And she did all this without ever saying a word. Angel’s physical body may no longer be with us but who she is and what she stands for will never die.

Angel was a true hero then, still now and will be forever.

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