Someone sent this post letting us know this dog was euthanized at the Downey Shelter on April 27th. It took a walk from a cold cage down a hall and was brought into a room and euthanized. It’s body was put into a bag and put into a refrigerator with the others. Hardly fair. We can hope this soul and the countless others who needlessly die like this every day in our country due to human ignorance don’t know or understand what’s happening but that’s unlikely. They are all beings with thoughts, souls, feelings and ideas. If this upsets you and you would like it to stop, heres what you can do to help.

spay & neuter your pets

if you know someone who’s pet isn’t fixed, help them get the pet fixed

educate people as to why spay & neuter is vital to saving lives

Support spay & neuter initiatives

Never buy dogs or support breeders of any kind in any way

Adopt a dog

Foster a dog

Volunteer, donate, advocate, support prevention efforts

post dogs in need of homes on your social media pages. less selfies, more dogs

adopt, share and foster the dogs that are the not the popular ones. less cherry and puppy picking for page likes and more advocating and support for all dogs.


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