A brilliant Pibble dad and photographer named Mike Ruiz reached out to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc wanting to help. After discussing some ideas it was decided that starting April 28th Mike will use his brilliant photography talents to photograph two pit bull type dogs per week at different shelters who are out of time or have been there the longest leading up to the Stand Up For Pits show in NYC June 2nd.

Mike will photograph dogs from Newark, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York Shelters.
Our HOPE is these photos will help get these dogs the exposure they need, seen by the right people and into loving committed forever homes. These photos may be some of these dog’s last HOPE at getting out of the shelter.

Each photo posted will also include the dog’s location, known behaviors, ID # and shelter contact information. We hope you’ll join us in sharing all the “HOPE” dogs and we thank Mike for this incredible life saving effort.

Mike will choose, frame and sign four of the “HOPE” prints and will auction them off on stage after the show in NYC on June 2nd. Proceeds from the photos will go to the SUFP Foundation. Tickets for Stand Up For Pits NYC are available now at

(pictured is a HOPE campaign dog from Lancaster California who was set to die but was adopted because of the campaign. So far all the HOPE dogs have been saved)

After adopting a pitbull named Oliver, Mike was inspired to work, with various animal rights rights organizations and animal rescues throughout the United States.
Presently based in New Jersey, Ruiz is known for beauty, celebrity and fashion photography. Mike’s long list of celebrity clients include Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Prince, Taraji P Henson, Sam Rockwell, Kelly Clarkson, Queen Latifah, Betty White and the list goes on.
Mike has also appeared frequently on America’s Next Top Model, Rupaul’s Dragrace, Canada’s Next Top Model along with dozens of other television appearances as an expert in his field. #standupforpits #newyork#2019sufptour #angelforever

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