A young man wrote in to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc about a dog who was living on a chain abandoned in Texas. He would occasionally feed the dog but could not take her in and was afraid for her. We posted her and within a couple of hours a woman named Deborah O’Keefe got in her car and got her. She had blood in her poop and urine, was covered in ant bites and all the roots of her teeth were exposed from likely gnawing on the chain to free herself. She is not fixed, appears to have been bred, has heart worm, a heart murmur and her spine has some serious issues.

The SUFP Foundation has already provided funds to Deborah but we are going to remain dedicated to this dog and providing her the care she needs so she can live the life she has always deserved.

We need your help. This has and will continue to be costly, so anything you’re able to give would be appreciated and is, of course, tax deductible. Donations can be made at standupforpits.us or right here.

Also, attending Stand Up For Pits events helps SUFP do all we do. So if you can get one, do it. Tickets are available at standupforpits.us!

Thank you in advance and you can read Deborah’s post below.

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Amazing news! The indomitable Rebecca Corry and the heroes of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation have decided to sponsor Braidy! And I don’t just mean hook her up with some cool stuff, I mean that they told me last night they’re going to take care of every single medical bill until she is 100% well, or the closest we can get her. They have already reimbursed me for the almost $2K I’ve spent (which I didn’t expect) and on top of that they’re going to send a month’s supply of @emmalouskitchen fresh, clean, lifesaving food. (Honestly, the first time I saw Braidy’s first firm poo after nearly a week of painful brown watery diarrhea, I almost cried) (#sorrynotsorry for the visual)
This is so incredible in so many ways. Medical care is not going to be cheap for Braidy, and we won’t be out of the woods for some time. We meet with a cardiologist today to ascertain the condition of her heart, and to see if we can operate to remove her bladder stones before we start heartworm treatment. As I type this, I get overwhelmed with emotions. @heartoftexasvets are who treated my beloved Blue for so many of his ailments before I lost him. Every time I go there, I cry. The staff who helped Blue before he passed, sent me a handwritten note, to say how sorry they were that he was gone. And here we are again, with a new friend, whom I know is going to be treated like family by this amazing group of caregivers. All of you who have been moved by Braidy’s story can rest assured she is in the best hands. As always, I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening. Sorry if I miss a message or don’t get back to you in a timely manner. Email me anytime! Deb@krox.com
Most importantly, here’s how you help: DONATE! To the Stand Up For Pits Foundation. Even if you can’t afford more than $5, it doesn’t matter! Remember, like your mum always told you, every penny counts. At least mine did. 🙂

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