The Stand Up For Pits Foundation does not get grants or have corporate sponsors. We raise money by selling merchandise, comedy tickets and making pleas for donation. Like other small orgs, every penny raised is hard earned which is one of the reasons we ask grant recipients for and expect updates on the dogs, programs, initiatives, clinics and front line rescue efforts we donate to.

Aside from the importance of showing you where your contributions are going, we love seeing progress and results and we know you all do too.

So… today we have a couple of updates to share! One is on Tuggy, who you may remember from Arlington VA’s Stand Up For Pits (swipe left) and the other is on how the $1000.00 Angel Grant the SUFP Foundation provided to Ring Dog Rescue at the event is being used to help a senior abuse survivor. We hope it fills your hearts like it did ours. Thanks to Ring Dog Rescue for the update and all the incredible work you do with front line rescue efforts and combatting animal abuse. Your hard work and professionalism is appreciated.

UPDATE FROM Ring Dog Rescue

Hello all,

We are putting the $1000 Angel Grant to good use! We transferred in a senior dog seized for cruelty. She was a body condition score of 1 upon seizure (0-9 scale, zero is deceased, 5 is perfect). With a mammary growth that is ready to rupture. She has now put on weight and is going to get surgery to remove the growth next week. Her name is Sassy Willow.

Thank you,


Ring Dog Rescue


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