THIS is incredible to see and we certainly hope we see much much more of this. This is a message we have been speaking for a long time and specifically discussed at SUFP events. Every chance we get, we encourage groups and facilities to remove the label aka term and instead use “dog” because that is exactly what they are. Factually, the majority of dogs labeled “pit bulls” are not at all and “pit mix” is not only redundant but it’s another obstacle for these dogs and for potential adopters. Renting apartments, getting homeowners insurance, traveling with dogs labeled “pits” is hard and can often times detour people from having the privilege of sharing their life with one. Our active duty military aren’t even allowed “pit bulls” on military bases and are forced to give them up before serving our country. This label has and continues to cost innocent dogs their lives and if we can help change the fear based ignorance that surrounds the term “pit bull,” we should.

When society sees them as dogs and individuals, perhaps they will be treated as such but change starts with doing and thinking differently. It’s getting better but we have a very long way to go.

Bravo @cochecovalleyhumanesociety for not labeling your dogs and to all the other groups and facilities we know doing the same around the country. It’s inspiring to see and it’s needed in order for humans to be enlightened and eventually see these dogs as what they are…velvet farting Pibble clowns who are born inherently good and all uniquely different.

Thank you!! #standupforpits #enddiscrimination #banignorancenotdogs #inherentlygood #pibbles

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