The SUFP Foundation donated $2800.00 which will provide enrichment items likes toys, bully sticks, treats etc. to 250 dogs for the next 7 days who are being quarantined due to a distemper outbreak at the Maricopa County Animal Care  in Arizona.

The Maricopa County Animal Care is one of the largest open intake shelters in the country and is currently suffering a distemper outbreak. The East location, located in Mesa, Arizona, has been and will continue to be under quarantine.

The $2800.00 Angel Grant will provide one week of much needed nourishment items to 250 dogs for the next 7 days. These nourishment items will keep these dogs sane as they have minimal contact while in quarantine.

As with all SUFP Angel Grants, we ask all recipients to provide updates via posts and videos showing how the Angel Grant is helping and @tarasfostersaz has agreed to provide those to us. We will share all updates with you and keep you all informed on the situation at the shelter as they are provided to us. We thank all of you who attend Stand Up For Pits events, purchase SUFP merchandise and donate. Your contributions help and save countless lives and do so at times when it’s desperately needed. What is happening at the Maricopa shelter is one of those times and the animals living through this deserve our help.

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