“Eight Gadsden County residents are facing more than 80 federal charges in connection with a “large-scale,” illegal dog fighting ring involving about 100 dogs.

According to the federal indictment the defendants bred, housed, trained and fought pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs. They communicated with each other by telephone and text messages about the transporting, delivering, exchanging and selling of the animals, and the location of fights held around the county. A “cooperating source” helped with the investigation

One of the defendants is alleged to have left a dog training for a fight unattended in a swimming pool, allowing it to drown.”

And even though the story did make it to @usatoday, the stock photo they used for the story continues to vilify the dogs. The only faces that should be on every cover story like this are the vicious and dangerous humans who murder and torture these innocent dogs.

Dogfighting is an epidemic in this country and it is up to everyone in every community to say something if they suspect, see or know something.

Where there is dogfighting there is always other crime. Therefor dogfighting is everyone’s problem. Cudos to US Attorney Larry Keefe. Dogfighting is intolerable and so is blaming, banning and vilifying the victims. Enough is enough.

Report dogfighting in Los Angeles County 1-877-777-2585


Contact your local law enforcement, Animal Care and Control and stay diligent.



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