This woman’s love, compassion and dedication to her beloved elephants all animals and humans is beyond inspiring. Thank you @iamkristindavis for walking the walk and making this world a better place. Please send Momma our love. ♥️ #standupforpits #enddiscrimination #inherentlygood #sally #todd #angelforever

REPOST Kristin Davis

I ‘m so excited to have my Todd and Sally t shirt from SUFP Foundation! I’m not excited about the ongoing health battles Sally is going through , due to her over breeding and neglect before @rebeccacorry rescued her. But I am thrilled to wear Todd+ Sally, with their sweet doggy kiss! I did get a kiss from Momma while trying to take this picture , but I thought that might too much for you guys .

Please support SUFP Foundation and so many other great people doing the difficult work and emotionally ( and financially) draining work of taking care of the millions of dogs and cats who are neglected and abandoned in our country.

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