The SUFP Foundation received a letter about a 5 month old deaf land seal who had been saved from an abusive owner. The person who intervened and took her in could not keep her because he already has two dogs and a new baby. He needed immediate help or she would end up in the shelter or possibly in the wrong hands and she is not spayed.

She is now at the hospital and will be getting spayed, vaccines and chipped tomorrow and the SUFP Foundation will be covering the cost.

Karma Rescue will be handling her adoption applications and home checks when she is ready and with your help networking her, this sweet girl now named Hippo, will live the life she deserves.

The good news is, she may already have a potential adopter. We will know that by tomorrow. If that falls through the SUFP Foundation will continue funding her care and she will be going out to the The Pet Handler Ranch until we are able to find her forever humans.

Thank you Karma Rescue for making the arrangements to get her spayed and your willingness to step up and handle her adoption process.

We’re so happy she will never know abuse again and that she found her way to us instead of ending up in the wrong hands. We will keep you updated on this marshmallow as her journey to a new life begins.

It takes a village!

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