We’re not crying, you are. So since you’re all crying… we want to say CONGRATULATIONS sweet Betsy!

The SUFP Foundation received a letter from a volunteer letting us know Betsy was overheating at the shelter and she was out of time. We were asked to share her and we asked all of you to do the same and you did. iPittytheBull Foundation saw the posts and pulled her. SUFP donated to her care but luckily nothing serious was wrong with this little lady. Today, Betsy… now Betsi… is finally home!! After years of being bred then thrown away, she has her family and will know love and respect for the rest of her life. Thank you to the iPittytheBull Foundation, the shelter volunteer who took the time to email us and to every single one of you who shared her. She is alive because our village worked together. We are grateful and inspired.

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So where do we even start..about 3 weeks ago our dog, Chuck, peed on our couch so we called our friends @char_the_tripod_pittie to clean the couch since they own their own carpet and upholstery cleaning business. They had just lost their pittie, Charlotte , to cancer last year and were not even thinking of getting another dog. But they came over, ended up meeting Betsy and they fell in love but they weren’t sure how their other dog, Sephora, would handle having a new dog in the house. So they agreed to multiple meet n greets which eventually led to her staying for a weekend. In between that, Betsy met with another AMAZING family and she would have easily fit in there but the ultimate decision came down to the fact that Sephora had found herself a friend. But had Chuck not peed on our couch, this #happilyeverafter would not be happening. So everyone let’s welcome Betsy (now Betsi) to her new home!! From overbred, to overlooked to overloved…and the one word we have all been waiting to hear….ADOPTED!!!

Thank you @char_the_tripod_pittie (IG account) for your patience and agreeing to take it slow!

Thank you @sgvhumanesociety, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Rebecca Corry and everyone else that shared her!

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