SUFP Donates $2000 Angel Grant to JELLY BEAN

Jellybean’s little body was used for profit then thrown away like garbage. Her owner told the shelter that “He recently tried to breed the dog prior to onset but it didn’t take.” Her body could not take anymore abuse. I wish I could say this isn’t common and not many humans do this to animals but sadly, it’s happening everywhere. Right now dogs are being strapped to rape stands and while Jellybean may finally be free from the monster who did this to her, the pain and suffering is far from over for her. The surgeries she needs in an effort to save her life will be excruciating.

This is just one of the many reasons the SUFP Foundation spays and neuters hundreds of pit bull type dogs every year. This is why ALL BREEDERS should be banned. This is why shelters are overflowing with dogs. Anyone who does this to animals deserves severe punishment but our society doesn’t make enforcing and creating laws which protect our dogs a priority. So it’s up to US to take action.

SUFP will continue to condemn breeding whenever and however we can. “Responsible breeder” is an oxymoron when millions of dogs are dying in shelters every year and dogs like Jelly Bean, Sally, Loretta and countless others are forced to suffer for human profit. Yet still, people will find their way to this page – a page dedicated to saving lives – and defend breeders and breeding of dogs. It’s shameful and embarrassing that in 2019 with all the resources available and all the FACTS so known, people who can navigate a computer and read still choose to live in unapologetic ignorance. I won’t block or delete these comments because it’s important for the educated to see how much more work needs to be done.

We will never rescue our way out of the mess our species has created. The best way to save a dog is by PREVENTING a dog from entering a shelter or getting in the wrong has to begin with. Spaying and Neutering is VITAL, EFFECTIVE and MUST BE A PRIORITY.

Please keep educating and always support spay & neuter efforts whenever and however you can. Thank you.

The SUFP Foundation has donated $2000.00 to help cover the medical needs Jellybean requires.


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