Humans who are lucky enough to share their lives with dogs labeled pit bull “type” dogs have clearly had enough of fear based ignorance dictating where they can fly, live or exist with their inherently good dogs. What has and continues to be done to voiceless, helpless dogs by our society and media is intolerable. HUMANS are the problem, not dogs. Every single day humans are abusing, neglecting, killing, and vilifying these dogs and suffering little to no consequences. Humans are who is a danger to society. Our species proves that every single day.

Keep speaking up, marching and rallying. We live in a time where we can be heard and when decision makers realize being ignorant hurts their bottom line, they make changes.

Great job to everyone who didn’t let this go. The person who brought a dog on a plane that had even a slight chance of biting, for whatever reason, is the one at fault. NOT an entire “type” of dog. Enough is enough.



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