Repost Deity Animal Rescue
Sending out a heartfelt thank you tonight to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation. A very special envelope was mailed to us and inside was an Angel Grant for $1300 – sent with the intention to cover the costly heart worm treatment Merryweather is currently going through. Happy dancing over here, and when John @humblek9  told Merryweather the good news she immediately asked him to go grab the white board.
We love you Stand Up For Pits Foundation! We follow you and your relentless advocacy work in awe. Feeling so supported and utterly grateful tonight. Merryweather sends her love and the sweetest kisses. We will continue to keep you updated on her treatment and condition. In a week or so she begins the scary part – a series of injections into her heart to kill and break up the worms. But tonight, she is safe and loved. By all of us. Thank you again Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Angel and Rebecca Corry
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