The Calista tee shirt campaign benefitting the SUFP Foundation raised over $25,000.00!!!! This is by far the largest donation SUFP has ever received and it could not have come at a better time. I want to personally thank Jeannette, John and precious @calistathepitbull for all they do for our inherently good dogs, their dedication to the cause and SUFP and for using their platform for good. I also want to thank everyone who supported this incredible campaign and to Pam for once again lending her time and talent. Just incredible ♥️ #standupforpits

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Wow! Just WOW! YOU did it!!!!! You did something I never believed possible…like didn’t even occur to me. I’m so blown away by this community. I hope you all realize how big this is!!!! Social media being used for GOOD!!!!! Not for personal profit, not for a weird sense of fame, for GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! And it makes me so happy. We raised over $25,000 for the @standupforpitsfoundation TOGETHER!!!!!!!! We sold over 1000 items, which according to bonfire, doesn’t happen very often with single batch campaigns. We did it because of YOU!!!!!! When I heard we surpassed $25,000, I was screaming!!! I genuinely couldn’t believe it!!!! WHAT?!?!?? I’m still beside myself. We are just a family who share our little girl on social media. You are people who fell in love with her and her message. That’s it. And look at what we did. We came together for this community and did something so great!!!!! The lives that will be saved with this money, I can’t. It’s incredible. I’m not just grateful, I’m inspired by you and I hope others are too. THIS is power of love, community, authenticity, humility, and good intentions. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! And, I cannot WAIT to see Calista’s face all over the world!!!

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