It’s incredible what can happen when hundreds of people who want the abuse, discrimination and needless loss of inherently good lives to end. Wow.
The 9th annual Stand Up For Pits was the biggest one yet and proof that more and more humans are tired of velvet farting clowns being vilified. Last night’s event was magical and inspiring! I’m so proud to stand with so many incredible people who love and fight for these dogs.
THANK YOU to every single person who got off the couch and got there last night. Thank you to the volunteers who worked their asses of to make it happen, the film crew who donated their time to shoot, the stage design artist who made the stage look magical, every comedian who donated their talents, the brilliant presenters, the photographers, the Mayan Theater and staff and to Kaley Cuoco for hosting for the 9th effing year!! We will be posting many many more photos and personal thank you’s but wanted to share just a few special moments from last night. ♥️
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PS-Blueberry is a star and made out with Todd a lot. Do NOT tell Sally.
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