Stand Up For Pits HOLLYWOOD Donation Drive raised $11,000.00 for local shelter animals!!!

Huge THANK YOU to all the incredible volunteers from the South LA Shelter and Watts Project who helped with the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, IncDonation Drive this year!!!

The Stand Up For Pits HOLLYWOOD show raised over $11,000.00 worth of much needed shelter supplies that went directly to the South LA and Lancaster Shelter’s!!

Thank you to everyone who donated these much needed items and of course to the amazing Ender Sawyer Danielle, Dave and Matt Bush. You guys are incredible and appreciated!!

The Stand Up For Pits Donation Drives have raised a total of $47,442.00 worth of shelter supplies nationwide so far this year and we could not be happier about it! When people come together for the dogs, great things can happen!

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