This is the perfect face of a velvet hippo who was terrified in the shelter then got sprung by an amazing group called Deity Animal Rescue and then given an Angel Grant for $1000.00 to help with his freedom care. Thanks to all who donate and remain dedicated to educating, advocating and saving lives. It takes a village and today this village saved this sweet boy’s life. Now lets get him a home!! You can share him from our IG and FB pages!
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World, meet Corry. To all of you who took time out of your weekend to send some love to save his life, this Freedom Ride is for you. Because of you there’s one precious black velvet unicorn safe from being a sad statistic… just because he is a black pit bull type dog in our shelter system. Because of you this dog friendly, breed ambassador will live to see another day and find love again. We should all sleep well tonight with happy hearts that we made a difference in this innocent and deserving life. #ittakesavillage.
 thank you Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation for standing up for this inherently good breed all day every day. Your Angel Grant will go to help Corry and the rescue of others. #grateful #ittakesavillage .
To apply to adopt Corry, contact Deity Animal Rescue directly! Our goal is to find him a loving, intuitive, savvy home. He’s good with other dogs and kids seven and older.
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