The Stand Up For Pits Foundation is honored to give a $10,000.00 Angel Grant to help 42 dogfighting survivors in Detroit get a chance at the lives they have always deserved and look forward to seeing them flourish! #standupforpits
AHHH! Exciting News! We are so happy to announce that, recently, Bark Nation assisted local and federal authorities with the seizure of 42 beautiful dogs from a large-scale dogfighting operation. 42 dogs whose fate was determined before they were born. 42 dogs who deserve only the best this world has to offer.
As case details are highly confidential, including photos and information on the animals, we reached out to our amazing friends at the Stand Up For Pits Foundation with a grant request for the care of these deserving survivors. Without hesitation, SUFP so very generously granted $10,000 to the care of the animals from this case!
Caring for animals as live-evidence is expensive! Forensic veterinary exams, emergency veterinary care, wound care, vaccinations, boosters, diagnostics, re-feeding, heartworm disease, babesia, food, water, shelter and more. But it is one of the most powerful aspects of any cruelty case. And there are tens of thousands of animals at any given time awaiting their chance at #LifeAfterDogfighting. Stand Up For Pits and Bark Nation’s shared mission – to end dogfighting – means showing up for these beautiful survivors. Before, during and after the case is completed. It’s important. It matters. Because without the care of these animals as evidence, they remain on their properties. And that’s never an option.
Please join us in thanking the hell out of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation and Rebecca Corry. We are honored that you entrust your hard earned dollars into our care of these beautiful babes. We promise every cent will go toward their #LifeAfterDogfighting journeys, and that we will kiss each and every one of them on the mouth for you tomorrow! We cannot wait to share their beautiful faces and stories with you all when the time is right!
To learn more and support @standupforpitsfoundation, please visit!  #barknation #enddogfighting


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