This beautiful hippo not only needs but beyond deserves a loving home. Your support helped us provide this sweet soul with an Angel Grant so she could get out of the shelter and get the care she needed. Now she is ready to begin the rest of her life. She is absolutely precious and will make someone’s life better. Lets help her find her human. Please contact the The Animal Rescue Mission in Los Angeles if you are interested in adopting her. Thank you!

REPOST Animal Rescue Mission (Los Angeles)
Visited Ruby Darling today and god dammit she’s perfect!!
Just want to say, pulling Ruby and getting her healthy was all possible because of the $1,500 Angel Grant provided by the Stand Up For Pits Foundation.
She’s had extensive testing, blood work, x-rays, sonograms and been on special food because she was used as a breeding machine and then thrown out like trash! .
We originally thought that she would need surgery, but she does not and our vet has cleared Ruby to go to her forever home!
This angel is small but mighty! She’s good with most dogs and anyone interested in fostering/ adopting this babe will work with the trainer we use in order to ensure the proper introduction is made and that everyone is set up for success!
Let us know if you’d like to give Ruby the gift of a forever home!

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