Our friends at @babalusbylucy are offering these amazing Stand Up For Pits legging featuring Sally and Todd and the one and only Angel!
$20-$30 of each pair sold will go directly to the SUFP Foundation which we will allocate to Spay & Neuter ANGEL Day happening April 2nd. This year SUFP will be fully funding the spay and neuters of 1600 pit bull type dogs in 44 cities nationwide. This is a massive and desperately needed effort which will cost $150,000.00. Every penny is well spent since just one unaltered female dog and her offspring over a six year period can produce 67,000 dogs. We will never rescue our way out of the mess humans have made. Simply put, we have to focus on fixing the problem. Spaying and neutering helps do that and is vital in lowering intake and euthanasia numbers. Spay & neuter efforts need to be more of a priority in and outside of the animal community. So, please consider supporting this preventative and solution driven initiative. The best way to save shelter dogs is by preventing them from entering the shelter to begin with. This effort will save millions of lives.
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