It is astonishing how cruel human beings can be. This is Titus. Titus was found as a stray in Cabarrus County, NC and taken to the shelter.  The shelter contacted Carolina Adopt A Bulls immediately since they had previously rescued Zeus (another burn victim) from a very similar situation, and they could not say no to this guy. They then contacted SUFP in need of financial support. Titus is being treated for severe burns covering about 70% of his body. He will require extensive medical care and will be at the vet for the next few weeks. He began hydrotherapy on his first day at the vet, and will receive his first skin graft surgery in early February.
The Stand Up For Pits Foundation sent a $1000.00 Angel Grant to help towards the cost of his care.
Make no mistake, whoever is responsible for this is a danger to our society. We certainly hope an effort is being made to find whoever is responsible.
CAAB has agreed to provide us updates on Titus. We certainly wish Titus a speedy recovery so he can be pain free and live the life he deserves.
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