FINALLY after 30 years some law making humans woke up and lifted an uneducated fear based ban on dogs based solely on how they look. Some realize now that BSL is not only ineffective but it also costs tax payers money and is in fact discrimination enshrined in law. While restrictions will still remain on three types of dogs under the new law some of those restrictions are exactly what need to be happening everywhere. One being they must be spayed and neutered! Cities and counties all over the country should make spaying and neutering a priority and a mandatory moratorium on breeding should also be in place. When millions of dogs are killed in shelters every year in this country, breeding should be illegal and treated as cruelty.
Until then… CONGRATULATIONS to Denver for doing the right thing. And to all the innocent lives needlessly lost because of this horrific law, you will never be forgotten. We will continue to keep fighting for you and being your voice.
The image in the post is 3,487 pit bull carcasses that were carted away from a Denver shelter because of BSL. It is heartbreaking and sickening to think that since 1989 genocide was enforced and accepted against voiceless beings and humans are never held accountable.
Stand Up For Pits will be coming back to Denver this year. We are solidifying the date this week. We look forward to celebrating the news with all the amazing people of Denver who have and continue to fight for our inherently good dogs.
#standupforpits #endbsl
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