And with the simple stroke of a pen from an uneducated man in a position of power inherently good dogs will continue to be banned, wrongly vilified and die because of what they look like.
Mayor Hancock this was a missed opportunity for you to end the shameful genocide of innocent voiceless beings and lead by example. Even the White House issued a statement in 2013 stating that BSL is ineffective and concurred that it is in fact discrimination enshrined in law. To take away the right of Americans to keep their family members and prevent others from owning them is not only unethical but it is unconstitutional. Historically, the perpetuation of fear based ignorance is far more dangerous than any dog of any kind could ever be. Mr. Mayor, your decision to condone discrimination is wrong, whether the discriminated has two legs or four, it is wrong.
Human beings are the problem, not dogs. Guns, drugs and alcohol are allowed in Denver but you ban dogs? Mr. Mayor, you are there to serve the people and today you did a disservice to the educated and responsible residents of Denver.
If you want safer and more humane communities for humans and pets, then you should focus on the sociopath’s who are abusing, neglecting and killing these dogs. The irresponsible owners who are also irresponsible parents. Dogs truly are man’s best friend and once again… our species have let them down
Please feel free to reach out to us at any point to discuss the facts and truth about dogs and their inherent goodness. We will be reaching out to you when we visit Denver to stand up for these dogs in September. We would love to discuss these magical dogs who save so many people’s lives day in and day out by simply being who they are. Dogs are gifts, family members and companions who have been standing by humans for many many years. They should be respected, protected and loved.
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