This is just one of the dogs rescued from the horrors of the recent dogfighting operation in Oklahoma City. Currently @muttmisfits has 8 of the survivors and are in desperate need of heavy duty crates for them. The @standupforpitsfoundation just sent a $1,300.00 Angel Grant to cover the cost of new crates for all the survivors. The horrors these dogs endured is unthinkable and the journey’s they have in front of them in order to recover is heartbreaking. We will share the videos they have agreed to send us with updates.
This sweet baby has been through more than any animal should. Her teeth were extracted and ground down to practically nothing, she was branded on one of her back legs, and she was used as a breeding machine by the monsters who owned her.
Nellie has an extreme anxiety issue with anyone approaching her from behind- we suspect this is due to her being physically assaulted, on top of the extensive breeding she was subjected to her entire life.
Despite this horrendous life she endured, Nellie remains sweet, gentle, and a total snuggle bug. I know we have a long road ahead of us to fully regain her trust, help her become healthy, and just teach her how to be a dog for the first time, but she is showing us how badly she is willing to work for the beautiful life she deserves.
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