Stand Up For Pits 2020 Tour – Update – Corona Virus

At this time the Boston Stand Up For Pits venue has stopped selling tickets to both shows. We will most likely be moving those dates to later in the year.

The NYC Stand Up For Pits venue is currently still selling tickets but we are still very uncertain if the venue will be open or if it would be safe to the event. The Arlington, VA venue is also selling tickets but they are also not sure the event can take place. These decisions will be made based on how things are progress with the Corona Virus.

We will continue to update you all as thing strange time continues but make no mistake, saving inherently good dogs is and will remain our priority. We will figure this situation out and remain dedicated to our mission and dogs. Lives are depending on it.

Tax deductible donations can be made right here on the home page. Your support and dedication to the dogs and cause are greatly appreciated.

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