6 years ago thousands converged on Washington DC from all over the country and Canada to be one loud voice for inherently good dogs who have and continue to be wrongly vilified, banned and killed simply because of what they look like. I organized the One Million PIBBLE March on Washington DC in an effort to raise awareness about BSL and dogfighting and to inspire and empower people to get off their asses and do something to help pit bull type dogs. BSL is discrimination enshrined in law and dogfighting continues to be an epidemic in America and around the world. Doing nothing is not an option. The horrors these dogs endure decade after decade is a direct reflection of a very broken society and fixing it doesn’t get the attention, effort or resources it deserves. Factually, where there is animal abuse, there is other crime. Domestic violence, illegal drugs, weapons, assault, theft, child abuse… and the list goes on. Focussing on animal abusers and removing them from society would make communities safer for humans and pets. It’s common sense yet our policy and law makers refuse to make it a priority. Morons like Denver’s Mayor HanCOCK are a perfect example of a person who could make a difference but chose not to by refusing to be educated and contentment with his own fear based ignorance. He’s one of many in power who continue to look the other way and blame victims instead of holding humans accountable.

Change has happened but there is an enormous amount of work that needs to be done. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade and sadly, I’ve watched many people walk away from this cause and I understand why. It’s overwhelming, heartbreaking and soul crushing. The sacrifices and compassion fatigue are also very real and extremely hard. But we have to remain dedicated to these dogs. They cannot speak for or defend themselves. They are at the mercy of a broken species and they deserve better. They are gifts to this planet and should be respected and protected. I beg you to please keep fighting, keep being their voice and never ever give up. Inherently good lives are depending on it. -Rebecca Corry


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