This is an incredible act of kindness and due to popular demand, these amazing people started a website so SUFP supporters can buy these picnic tables. Please read the post below!

REPOST Rebecca Corry
And then I receive the below email with these photos about an incredible effort some amazing humans are doing on behalf of SUFP Foundation I had no idea was happening. This choked me up. I personally thanked them and asked for permission to share this email and the photos because well… everyone should see this. It’s too adorable and amazing to not share. Everyone go order a squirrel picnic table!! Here is the link!!!

Hello Rebecca,

I would like to inform you of a special project my 7 year old son Mason and I have been working on. While school has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, I felt this would be a great opportunity to teach Mason about business and the value of supporting a great cause. When I asked him who he would like to help, he said Stand Up for Pits.
My wife and I have been huge supporters of your organization and have attended a few of your Hollywood shows. I know a lot of events have been postponed due to this virus and felt our donation could really help you out in these times. We had a beloved pitbull type dog named Tigra for 10 years who sadly passed last year due to cancer and have since adopted another girl named Beatrice. We whole heartedly believe in your mission and could not be happier with our son’s donation choice!

We have been building miniature picnic tables that can be mounted to a fence or tree for feeding the local squirrels. We posted our product/cause on the local Martinez, CA Facebook group explaining 100% of our profits were going to be dontated to your organization and the orders started to pour in.
We just donated our first installment after a week of production. We would like to keep this going as long we can and hope this helps the cause.

Thank you for all you do for our beloved dogs!


Kyle, Mason, Ashley, Beatrice and our angel Tigra

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