In our ongoing support of beautiful Roxy, the SUFP Foundation covered the cost a cardiologist appointment this week for Roxy to address what we were told is a heart murmur. We have excellent news to report! Read the update below. This sweet faced house bear is available for adoption to a perfect home through Lucky Paws Rescue in Washington State! Email if you’d like to hit the jackpot at life by making her yours. Please share! #standupforpits #adoptRoxy

UPDATE FROM Lucky Paws Rescue

Roxy had her appointment and they found the reason for the heart murmur, one of her valves has a slight abnormality in it, so when the blood goes through, it makes a swishing noise. The vet said this particular valve is common with a major congenital abnormality that is sometimes seen in dogs and can be serious, but they said hers is so very slight they do not see any concern for her in the future. The only recommendation they have is that she is put on antibiotics if she should get a deep cut or wound, or have any type of surgery or dental work. And the antibiotics would only be as a precaution, in the event of infection. But other than that, they said she is good to go and that she is a total sweetheart! We were not allowed to go in because of COVID, but the vet called us and went over everything, and also sent us a full report.

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