Fireworks put pets, wildlife and so many humans through hell year after year, decade after decade and yet not one thing is ever done about it. Instead people are forced to brace for it and do what they can to make it through. This year news reports have stated fireworks have been going off in communities all over America for a month now and it’s believed people are lighting them off due to boredom from quarantine and a way to let out frustration. Both of reasons are intolerable and unfair. And making things explode for weeks on end isn’t patriotic, it’s the opposite. Forcing other Americans and those they love to endure your actions and suffer because of it is unfair to your fellow Americans.
If you insists on blowing things up, please stop and think about the effects it’s having on so many and at the very least limit it to July 4th and that day only.
For the rest of you, please keep yourself, pets and loved ones safe and secure tonight and for the weeks following. Make sure your yard is secure and don’t leave pets outside. Dogs have been known to run through sliding glass doors and windows and so many dogs run away and end up in shelters. Take every measure you can to ensure none of these things happen and make it through safely… until next year.
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