This perfect soul was set to die at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. She doesn’t like other dogs, no rescues were willing to take her and she was out of time. Rita Earl Blackwell featured her and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc and all of the amazing supporters stayed dedicated to networking her. Still no one would step up. The SUFP Foundation then made arrangements to have her pulled by our friend Danielle Plunkett and one of the most epic freedom ride’s ensued. SUFP then committed to funding Roxy’s care and transport (which Hello Pitty Rescue graciously arranged for SUFP) up to Washington State to one of our favorite rescues Lucky Paws Rescue! Roxy stayed with Leah, the founder of the rescue and her husband. They provided her a safe and loving environment to decompress, trust and love and she did exactly that. They fell madly in love with her and her with them. Now, after a 10 day trial to adopt, we could not be happier to report that Roxy is finally home AND has her own Instagram page @roxannabobana!!! Her new mom and dad plan on taking Roxy to work with them and Leah and her husband will get to baby sit and visit her!

It takes a village, dedication, funds and patience to save the lives that so many people thoughtlessly throw away like garbage. Thanks to everyone who was involved in helping Roxy from beginning to end and being a part of helping her live her happily ever after.

Congratulations to her amazing new mom and dad and we are all wishing you long, happy and healthy lives.


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