Back in early June we courtesy posted this floppy eared piece of perfection named Bradley on social media and today we received a great update! Thank you also to all of you who remain dedicated to networking these velvet clowns.
#Bradleywins #standupforpits

NOTE FROM I Stand With My Pack
Greetings Friends at Stand Up for Pits,

Bradley found his forever hooman and we could NOT be happier.
They literally fit like a glove together, and Nicolas, his new Dad is devoted and maintains good communication with John @humblek9 and even went for a brush up session.

Bradley is loved, excercised and honestly his dog bed looks better than mine (I mean my personal bed).

Here are a few pictures, the picture of Bradley sitting next to Nicholas was taken during their brush up sesh at John’s.

Thank you for the exposure for Bradley and ever share, advocation, grant, and sooooooooo many ways you help dogs like Bradley.

Happy 10th anniversary. Congrats.


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