Louise suddenly started shaking, wouldn’t walk and couldn’t stand. They immediately rushed her to the hospital. Her kidneys were failing and it was believed she possibly had leptospirosis. The SUFP Foundation provided an emergency $1600 Angel Grant to help cover the enormous costs of all the testing and care she needed. Sadly, Louise did not make it. She was rescued by incredible humans, was adored and is gone way too soon. This is a profound and devastating loss for her family who are exceptional people who do so much for this cause and community. I want to send them my deepest condolences during what is already an excruciating time and ask all of you to take a moment to do the same. We need to be there for each other when we lose our family members and remember that every moment we get to spend with these inherently good souls is truly a gift.
From Louise’s mom Sandi Arcipowski Bruegger
The test came back negative for leptospirosis, so we will never know what caused her kidneys to fail. But SUFP gave us a chance to start her on antibiotics and give her the best chance. Because of SUFP, we had time to make decisions about her care. But, most of all, our entire family had a chance to spend an hour with her on her last day in the veterinary hospital’s private yard. Her favorite place was always outside, laying in the sun. We brought her blanket and sat around her while she watched a dragonfly, sniffed the smells from the restaurant next door, and let us love on her. Instead of getting a call in the middle of the night that she’d crashed, she peacefully went to sleep beside her people. None of that would have been possible without the Angel Grant and there is no way to quantify the value of that time.
Thank you again, Rebecca. In a time when everything was crashing on us, you gave us so much valuable insight, understanding, and friendship.
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