Stand Up For Pits with Rebecca Corry | Speaking Highly with Jon Huck

This week we’re celebrating Pibbles or Pit-Bull type dogs! Like 99.9% of humans – dogs are not born evil. But years of misinformation and abuse have given these dogs a bad name. The truth is – these types of dogs are smarter and more compassionate than most other dogs. Our guest – comedian Rebecca Corry and her Stand Up For Pits Foundation have done so much to help Pibble’s world wide. Not just finding homes for abused and abandon dogs but also changing the way pit bull type dogs are perceived by society. Rebecca is the best! We talk about using stand up comedy for good, organizing 5,000 people in DC and *WARNING* Dog Fighting. Also, no need to point out how sheltered I must have been as a younger person to not know anything about dog fighting until recently (last 15 years or so). No one’s gonna argue that. Life is about learning as you go. Enjoy the episode and then go donate to Stand Up For Pits at the link below.