SUFP will be spaying & neutering 4 more pups in LA CITY!

Yesterday we sent I Stand With My Pack $970.00 to cover the spays and neuters of these sweet faced land seals who will be getting fixed on July 1st and 9th.
LA City had a massive and shameful budget cut this year which we are told will result in an estimated 6000 dogs not getting fixed which means more dogs in shelters and more needless loss of innocent life. We are doing all we can locally to help alleviate this horrible situation and these four are part of that effort in addition to the 40 RV clan dogs we funded that Deity Animal Rescue saved. SUFP has been trying to get clinics going in LA City for months and the response has been apathetic at best, which is deeply disappointing and frustrating. We will continue to help locally with spays and neuters however and whenever we can in LA City and will continue our massive national ANGEL DAY effort. We have two more cities coming up next month.
Please consider making a tax deductible donation at the links in our BIO to support this desperately needed effort. If you are tired of seeing dogs languish in shelters then become part of the solution and help us prevent them from ending up in the shelter to begin with by supporting spay and neuter programs. Thank you!
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