There are currently 485 animals at the west shelter and 90 animals at the east shelter (15 of which are cats). So approx 560 dogs that would benefit from enrichment that can be easily passed through the kennels without cross contamination. An outbreak like this mean none of them can leave their kennels and get walks and this shelter is packed with unwanted animals. It is vital during this time that these dogs get enrichment so yesterday the @standupforpitsfoundation donated $2500.00 to One Love Arizona who will purchase and distribute 12 inch Bully Sticks to every single dog in the shelter.
Supporting Spay & Neuter efforts helps lower shelter intake and euthanasia numbers. Full shelters are happening all over the country. The focus needs to be on fixing the problem and spay & neutering does that.
◾️Walk shifts have been suspended until July 12th so the dogs are all on lockdown unless a staff member gets them out. This could be extended depending on how many positive test results come back.
◾️Last time this happened in 2019 quarantine started with 2 weeks and ended up lasting over a month in those tiny kennels. With many lives lost.
◾️All dogs showing symptoms have been moved into a medical wing to be monitored by clinic staff.
◾️3.5 buildings (E, F, and G buildings and half of D building) have been closed for monitoring out of an abundance of caution, and are expected to remain closed until all test results are returned. Dogs within these buildings remain available for return-to-owner and blind adoption, and will be released through a separate entrance/exit and swapped for additional testing when they leave. These dogs MUST remain strictly isolated from all other dogs until test results confirm them as negative for distemper.
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